Domestic security relates to dwellings in Residential Complexes and Estates, Stand alone homes and Golf Estates, where our most valued possessions are kept IE: our families. Mondrea security Services knows exactly how important it is that your most prized possessions are kept safe and that your security provider can relate to this, have empathy with this and act according to this. Therefore we ensure that security officers placed at these contracts are not gung ho mercenaries with automatic weapons intent on proving just how deadly they can be. Instead we place officers on site who are trained in detecting criminal elements, who will ask questions of contractors and visitors in a firm and respectful manner and who knows what action to take and who to call when things do not look right. We ensure that we put measures in place to facilitate patrols of the premises and we check on all electronic detection systems and report any defects immediately.

We understand that guards left to their own devices can and will deteriorate and emphasis is placed on monitoring, visiting and evaluating their performances on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to ensure that the required service is rendered as per agreed criteria. Electronic patrol and detection devices are utilised to enhance the effectiveness of the perimeter security to detect and prevent unlawful entry over boundary walls and fences.

Identification tags combined with fingerprints cards for every employee of each household ensures employees are accounted for and no suspects can masquerade as an employee and gain access to the complex in this manner.


Industrial Security. Just the name brings to mind large properties, bigger trucks, in some instances kilometres of perimeter walls and millions of rand plunged into a business that must support you and your most prized possessions. And of course the prospect of protecting this from criminal elements who think that they deserve to steal what you have just because it is there. From outside criminals who jump over the wall, to drivers who steal your diesel/batteries and sell your product next to the road on the way to deliver it to a client we have seen it all.

At an industrial site you will find officers who are trained to check stock against invoices and who can actually count the stock on the truck to ensure the quantities are the same. Employment contracts contain clauses that ensure random and pertinent polygraph examinations can be carried out to ensure officers are kept accountable and if discrepancies are found disciplinary actions are taken and officers are replaced. Collusion between security officers and truck crews form the basis of most losses and this is where we place most of our efforts to ensure this does not occur. All service providers are aware of infra-red perimeter beams, cameras and vehicle trackers but we understand that dealing with the human element is still the basic factor here and this is what we concentrate on. Training, accountability and consequences of their actions and above all monitoring of their performances is what ensures that the agreed upon job description is carried out and adhered to.


The one industry where I am sure every shop owner would love to have one of those x-ray vision glasses they used to advertise in the magazines of yesteryear. Yes to be able to see how many garments a shopper has hidden under their clothing! Unfortunately this is not viable and basic human rights make it impossible to search every customer and who wants to alienate every paying customer by strip searching them once they have spent their money in your shop/store. Shoppers arrive at your establishment with all kinds of implements to line their pockets e.g. pliers and blades and woman’s handbags are caverns that can hide all manner of objects.

From educating client staff, assisting in shop/store layout and assisting in the correct utilisation of detection and visualisation equipment Mondrea Security Services will find a way to minimise your losses and ensure that the officers placed at your doors and on your floors will detect the cavernous bags and the barefoot shoppers who leave with branded shoes on their feet. Staff colluding with customers is one of the most serious threats to a retail shop/store and here again, as with the industrial site, you do not need the added headache of a company placing security officers on your site and then forgetting about them.

But what about the shopping centre or shopping mall where the risks are far greater and the headache requires an entire bottle of Panado and not just two in the palm? Again here we want to say that all service providers know about CCTV monitoring, armed reaction in the parking area, radio communication and an array of other procedures, equipment and tactics at our disposal. We at Mondrea Security Services feel that to achieve success at a shopping centre or mall more is required. We have a proven track record with great achievements in minimising, reducing and preventing shopping centre robberies and shop thefts.

Please feel free to contact us so we can discuss how you can optimise your security requirements.


The freedom of having an office in a secure Office Park without the added constraints of having to deal with the day to day security issues! A must have for the business owner but sometimes a nightmare for the Office Park owner. Several tenants with different ideas regarding security and specifically how you should handle the issue of access control. Not as easy as placing a sticker on a car to identify who can and who cannot enter the Park without being scrutinized. Both private vehicles and sometimes commercial vans and trucks entering constantly and if anything does go wrong, you are to blame! We know and understand this and therefore, as with the other sectors already mentioned, have the know-how, experience and expertise to deal with this.

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